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Mega-Carbon, Bonded Carbon for Environmental Control

Text Box: Mega-Carbon provides solutions to environmental and energy problems by supplying highly adsorbent, cost effective carbons for vapor containment, energy storage, and refrigeration applications. Our proprietary process. covered by three patents, allows us to form granular or powdered carbon into unique shapes which are dust-free and fit into panels or other cavities. We provide a wide range of services to complement our product development including performance testing, consulting, and analysis.

Mega-Carbon is a small business specializing in applications of activated carbon for adsorbents and catalysis, plus other areas of petroleum refining, chemical manufacturing, and coal utilization. We are heavily involved in research and development on novel forms of carbon. 

Bonded Carbon, the preferred solution for dust-free contaminant removal….

      Why use bonded carbon?

Cleanliness is unmatched. The elimination of dust and abrasion is a huge plus. This is particularly critical for clean rooms, hospital, paint booths and other applications.

Ease of installation, handling and shipping.

Ability to cast into unique shapes. No longer are you restricted to flat slabs. The normal configuration is a flat panel but we can actually shape the carbon into a jelly roll, cylinder, or disc if you want.

No bypassing of the flowing gas. Since the carbon is locked in place, it will not settle as is common in a  honeycomb filter.

Performance of the bonded carbon is essentially the same as its loose counterpart.

Want to learn more?

If you are relatively new to the activated carbon area, you may want to visit out site for a mini-lecture on activated carbon.


We also have a collection of technical papers you may find interesting and we are pleased to share them with you. Simply click our technical papers link.


One of the key patents describing our carbon bonding technology may be reviewed by hitting this link, carbon bonding patent.

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