Text Box: Ken Robinson is the founder and chief technical officer of Mega-Carbon Company. Mega-Carbon formed in 1992 by Dr. Ken Robinson and Dr. Rodney Mieville and then later expanded to include a larger research and development team, including David Tatterson and Ralph Bertolacini. Ken has several years of industrial experience working at Monsanto, Amoco, and Argonne National Laboratory. Furthermore he taught at Northwestern University for ten years in their Chemical Engineering Laboratory and also at Washington University in St. Louis. He has 25 publications and 9 patents and held positions including Director of Coal Utilization, Research Associate, Manager-Technical University Relations, and Associate Director-Technology Transfer. Ralph Bertolacini and he are co-inventors of the Amocat coal liquefaction catalysts that were used in the H-Coal demonstration plant. Dr. Mieville and Ken are co-inventors of the three key patents for the Mega-Carbon carbon bonding process. 

The Mega-Carbon bonding process was  licensed exclusively from 1999 to 2009, and several million dollars in sales were realized on the sale of bonded carbon air filtration panels, for use in airports, gambling casinos, paint booths, microchip manufacturing plants, museums, fruit storage, and commercial buildings.  We are pleased to report that the exclusivity of the patents is no longer in force and they are free to be licensed on either an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. The patents are:

US 5,744,421 Monolithic Carbonaceous Article , April 28, 1998
US 5,846,639 Monolithic Activated Carbon, December 8, 1998
US 6,207,264 Monolithic Carbonaceous Article, March 27, 2001

We encourage you to call or e-mail us if you want to learn more about this bonding technology which can use a variety of different types of activated carbons. We have made prototypes of many different shapes, sizes and activated carbons. A typical approach is for us to learn your specific application and needs. We will make a prototype according to your specifications, free of charge. If you are satisfied, with the performance of the prototype, it is then up to you to identify a custom manufacturer to out source or simply manufacture the bonded carbon yourself. Unfortunately, Mega-Carbon does not have the capability to manufacture bonded carbon commercially.

To contact us:

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Text Box: Our Mission Statement

 We are committed to the development of new products for environmental control of air and water.