Text Box:                              Technical Consulting

Mega-Carbon Company can help companies meet business objectives by providing cost-effective solutions in the shortest possible time frame.  We have a suite of spreadsheet software that allows us to quickly and effectively do a technical/economic analysis.  This includes Flowsheeting and Material Balance, DCF Rate of Return, Chemical/Physical Properties, Multi-Component Distillation, Reaction Rate Modeling, and Reactor Sizing/Performance. We can tailor business and R&D programs to meet your specific needs by offering the following services:

Trouble shoot or improve operation of plants. Plan research & development  programs.

Interpret experimental data and help to develop kinetic/process models.

Identify critical success factors, including competitive activities.

Specify preferred catalysts, carbons or processes.

Analyze business risk and process economics for a commercial setting.

Assess intellectual property and obtain technology licenses.

Mega-Carbon offers you no-nonsense consultation on a variety of situations in petroleum refining, petrochemicals, chemical manufacturing, and synfuels.
 We have experience in all phases of R&D program planning and implementation, process development/optimization, and commercialization.  

The first 15 minutes of your telephone consultation is free. After that point, we charge $125 per hour with a minimum of one hour billable time. 

                                      Carbon Testing

We also offer some of the more common tests for activated carbon in our laboratories, listed below.


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Carbon Tetrachloride No

ASTM D-3467

Adsorption capacity of carbon for carbon tetrachloride. Actually uses a conversion of butane activity number.


Butane Working Capacity

ASTM D-5226-92

Capacity of carbon to adsorb and desorb butane for gasoline emission applications


Butane Activity

ASTM D-5228-92

Adsorption capacity of carbon for butane in static test



ASTM D-2867-96

Carbon heated to 950 C for seven minutes and weight loss measured



ASTM D-2867-95

Carbon heated to 140 C for two hours and weight loss measured


Bulk Density

ASTM D-2854

Packed density of carbon bed


Iodine Number,

Static capacity of carbon to adsorb iodine.